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Aug. 29th, 2008

Sora  ¤ Doh!


Well, hello there!

Uhm, yeah, we kind of died for a bit *pokes mods*.

These are textures that have been kind of sitting around on my HD for a while.... so I thought it would be a good idea to post them up. Anyway, here you go!

Download Set 01

Download Set 02

Download Set 03

+ As usual, comment if you download (@ duskflare), credit if you use them.
+ Be sure to credit duskflare
+ Do not redistribute

Apr. 23rd, 2007

Sora  ¤ Doh!



Games →
5x Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
3x Final Fantasy IX
11x Final Fantasy X
7x Final Fantasy XII


Because I'm at UCI and am a dork when it comes to keeping track of passwords, comments are going to be open here instead of at duskflare. Nevertheless, comment and credit!

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Apr. 22nd, 2007

Journey default || by sharp_pastels


(no subject)

Two Ghost Hunt colorbars here! They're kind of big.

Ghost Hunt is an awesome series, you can check it out via AnimeSuki. =D I really wanna make more GH stuff now...

Under the cut!Collapse )

A big thanks to yamikakyuu for letting me use screencaps~!

Apr. 2nd, 2007

Journey default || by sharp_pastels


(no subject)

This isn't an icon post. I probably won't have enough icons for a full post for a while. >_> Instead, this is a wallpaper post!

Three Bleach papers (and by "Bleach" I mean "mostly Orihime"), and one Banner of the Stars.

Whoo~Collapse )

The text on the second one is from "Where" by Lisbeth Scott; the last one is old. O_o

Resources here.

Feb. 12th, 2007

Sora  ¤ Doh!


working with colors

+25: first signs of frost

+14 akif hakan celebi

See individual posts for more details. If you're going to take any, comment there, not here.

Other than that, new default icon and layout :D

Dec. 6th, 2006

Journey default || by sharp_pastels


(no subject)

Okay, well, I apologize for the super-long table - I was using 77words's Icon Table Generator, and I forgot to change the default number of columns. ^^;

[x20] Bleach
[x01] Cardcaptor Sakura
[x01] Fairly Oddparents
[x06] Full Metal Alchemist
[x02] Gundam SEEd
[x02] Gundam Wing
[x06] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
[x10] Naruto
[x04] Pita Ten
[x01] The Prestige
[x02] Samurai 7
[x01] Tsubasa Chronicle

[x02] Bleach
[x01] Cardcaptor Sakura
[x01] DiGi Charat
[x02] Tsubasa Chronicle


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Aug. 1st, 2006

Sora  ¤ Doh!


Final Fantasy custom collection batch

Custom icons made for d3athwish, limitbound, terra, longdefeat, and x0nostalgia for their character shrines :3

30 Icons
Final Fantasy VI →
x02 Locke Cole

Final Fantasy VII →
x05 Sephiroth
x03 Reno

Final Fantasy VIII →
x06 Seifer Almasy

Final Fantasy IX →
x07 Garnet Til Alexandros XVII

Final Fantasy X →
x03 Rikku

Final Fantasy XIII →
x02 Unamed Female by Nomura


Remember to comment and credit if you take!~

I've made icons for almost every FF from VI. haaaaaaaCollapse )

Jul. 28th, 2006

Buy More


More Icons, Woop-Dee-Do...

It's been awhile since I cleared out my created icons. I can't say I'm too thrilled with the turn out, but they were still fun to make.

Fruit's Basket: 5
Samurai 7: numbers 3 and 5
D.N. Angel: 1, Krad-Revisited
FMA/Random Beach: 2 (The Bitch Please Spoofs)

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Jul. 5th, 2006

Dragon Age || Flemeth


Naruto: 1 icon, 2 pictures

Feel free to use, just credit, please.

NARUTO // 1 icon // 2 picturesCollapse )

Jun. 25th, 2006

Journey default || by sharp_pastels


Icons + 3 Wallpapers


[x05] Banner of the Stars
[x01] Bleach
[x03] Disgaea
[x01] Fruits Basket
[x05] Full Metal Alchemist
[x05] Gundam SEEd
[x01] Gundam Wing
[x01] Mushishi
[x27] Naruto
[x01] Rozen Maiden
[x01] Yu Yu Hakusho


[x01] Gundam SEEd (Lacus Clyne)
[x02] Naruto (1 Hinata and 1 Sakura)


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